Innovation Results

The world is changing, innovation and technology make the chemical industry safer, healthier and greener.

Jianfeng Group follows the thinking of "developing new products, new technologies and new processes from scratch to gathering", takes existing industries as the basis, and follows the principles of R&D innovation based on marketing, market orientation, scientific topic selection and achievement orientation, with emphasis on economic efficiency, technological feasibility and industrialization transformation. Work policy and carry out research and innovation work. Through years of technological innovation, more than 50 patents have been granted to the ammonia plant of Chongqing Jianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. for four consecutive years, it has been awarded the title of "Energy Efficiency Leader (Synthetic Ammonia)" by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and "Advanced Unit of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry", "Green Fertilizer Industry in China". The demonstration unit of color fertilizer enterprises. The BYD catalyst in BDO unit of Chongqing Qiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. has been running continuously for 145 days at high load, breaking the longest operating record of domestic manufacturers and Invid.

Chelate Potassium Zinc Boron Synergistic Urea

A new fertilizer including polyamino acid salt, chelated zinc and chelated boron can effectively improve fertilizer utilization rate, promote crop root growth, promote nutrient enrichment and activation, and supplement K, Zn, B elements. Using the new synthetic process, the chelating degree is higher, the application effect is better, and the nutrient enrichment and activation capacity is better.

Chelate Potassium Zinc Selenium Fertilizer Synergist

A new fertilizer synergist including chelated potassium, zinc and selenium can effectively improve fertilizer utilization rate and promote crop growth and yield. Using the new chelating process, the utilization rate of selenium is high, and the synergist has high safety. It can directly supplement selenium for crops, increase the content of selenium in crops, effectively supplement selenium for human body, and endow crops with health benefits.

Special Compound Fertilizer For Chelating Potassium, Zinc And Selenium

As a direct application result of potassium-zinc-selenium chelate fertilizer synergist in the field of compound fertilizer, a series of special compound fertilizers for potassium-zinc-selenium chelate synergism were formed according to the growth needs of nutrient elements in crops. The special compound fertilizer for chelating potassium, zinc and selenium is convenient to use, and the special fertilizer can produce agricultural products with higher selenium content, saving time and high efficiency.

Special Compound Fertilizer For Chelating Potassium, Zinc And Selenium

Cryolite was prepared from fluorine-containing waste acid by a new process to treat fluorine-containing waste acid.

Hexahydroxymethyl Melamine

It is mainly used as raw materials for building coatings and automotive adhesives, such as rubber adhesive A and intermediate for waterproof adhesive.