Research And Development

  • Chongqing University of Science and Technology
    Chongqing University
    chongqing university of technology
  • Southwestern University in Chongqing
    Zhengzhou University

Technical requirementsContactsTelephone
1Synthetic technology for downstream chemicals of ammonia synthesisChi Huachun
2PTMEG Modification technologyChi Huachun13896502550
3Extraction technology of trace propargyl alcohol in BDO production process
Mao Liantao
4HBVE technology for synthesis of acetylene and BDOMao Liantao 13996724061
5Energy saving and environmental protection technology for BDO tar and PTMEG tarMao Liantao 13996724061
6Resource utilization technology of acetylene by-product carbon blackMao Liantao 13996724061
7Separation technology of melamine tail gasZhong  Minqian13658261189
8Comprehensive utilization technology of carbon dioxideZhong  Minqian13996724061
9New high efficiency feeding or plant nutrient solution technologyZhong  Minqian13996724061