Group Introduction

Group Introduction

Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (formerly state-owned 816 plant), was founded in 1966, belongs to the third-line nuclear military enterprise, is now the backbone of Chongqing Chemical Medical Holding (Group) Company, is a production, scientific research, trade as one, science, industry and trade integration and has the right to import and export operations of large-scale state-owned comprehensive enterprises, located in Chongqing. Baitao Chemical Park, Fuling District, is located in Wujiang Gallery Golden Waterway, close to the Yuhuai Railway, G50S / G65 Expressway and 319 National Highway. Jianfeng Group covers an area of more than 9000 mu, with assets totaling 11 billion yuan and more than 3200 employees. Its members include 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 5 holding companies, 10 shareholding companies and more than 20 investment legal entities at all levels.

Jianfeng Group has formed a diversified business portfolio covering fine chemicals and new chemical materials, agrochemical products and agrochemical services, productive and active service industries. It has a complete industrial system, complete water, electricity, automotive, warehousing, logistics services, as well as first-class equipment inspection and maintenance in Chongqing. Service; with property management, medical care, fire safety and other community service platform; with a strong capital, technology, personnel and management advantages.

Jianfeng Group has an annual output of 750,000 tons of synthetic ammonia/1.32 million tons of urea, 60,000 tons of melamine, 20,000 tons of Hexamethylol melamine, 100,000 tons of formaldehyde, 60,000 tons of BDO/46,000 tons of polytetrahydrofuran, 2,500 tons of polyperfluoroethylene propylene and supporting tetrafluoroethylene, 150,000 tons of nitric acid/200,000 tons of ammonium nitrate, and 200,000 tons of ammonium nitrate. Ten thousand tons of nitro compound fertilizer, 120,000 tons of sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite per year, more than 100,000 kilowatts of installed capacity, 3.3 million tons of annual steam supply and a production line with 28 million tons of annual water supply capacity.

Jianfeng Group has won many honors, such as National Labor Award, National Civilized Unit, National State-owned Enterprises Building the Advanced Collective of Four Good Leading Bodies, National Model Workers'Home, and so on. "China's top 500 information technology" enterprises, "Jianfeng" trademark has been identified as "China's well-known trademarks."

Development History

Development History


  • 816 the project broke ground and the 816 factory was born.

    On September 10, 1966, the Second Aircraft Department notified the site of the 816 plant to be approved by the 18th meeting of the Central Committee of Special Affairs to be located in Baitao Town, Fuling County, Sichuan Province.


  • Wujiang bridge opens to traffic

    On January 31, 1968, the Second Machinery Department approved our factory to build a reinforced concrete bridge on the Wujiang River; on December 5, 1969, the Wujiang River Bridge officially started construction; on December 26, 1971, the Wujiang River Bridge was completed and opened to traffic, and the Jiangdong and Jiangxi areas of our factory were unblocked.


  • 816 plant intake to be built and put into operation

    In April 1973, the water intake project of 816 factory officially started. After the arduous struggle of the cadres and staff, the water intake was built and put into operation, which has guaranteed the water for production and living in our factory for decades.


  • 816 the project is closed, and our factory has entered the road of adjustment.

    In November 23, 1983, the factory held the "civil product demonstration group" and "enterprise management group" founding meeting. There are three steps to make the adjustment work, namely, one job, two efforts and three efforts. The first is to give full play to the existing production capacity for small-scale production of civilian goods, after three years or so, strive to produce a value of 880-10 million yuan; the second is to use the advantages of local raw materials and fuels and existing facilities and conditions through demonstration to seize a few investment, short cycle, high efficiency, two or three years The third is to strive for a relatively large project with advanced technology and equipment, considerable output value and profit, and a high degree of modernization through various efforts.
  • 816 the project is closed, and our factory has entered the road of adjustment.

    In June 1, 1982, the 816 project was officially converted to a slow construction project and was completely suspended in 1984. The "first venture" of our factory, which mainly focuses on military industry construction, has fulfilled its historical mission and started the "second venture" period of transition adjustment.


  • April 12, 1985

    The Ministry of nuclear industry approved the resumption of the construction of our own thermal power plant.
  • 1985

    On April 9, the Ministry of Nuclear Industry submitted to the State Planning Commission a proposal for the 816 project to rebuild a 300,000-ton synthetic ammonia fertilizer plant. On July 22, the State Planning Commission approved the Proposal for the Construction of Large-scale Chemical Fertilizer Plant by Using August 16 Project and listed it in the National "Seventh Five-Year Plan". October 17, 1985 - 27, held in Beijing, "four major fertilizer projects selection conference." After examination by a review group composed of dozens of leading comrades and experts, the project of 86.3 million tons of synthetic ammonia large-scale fertilizer plant won the bid with 85.4 points, ranking second.


  • January 22, 1986

    The State Planning Commission has approved the 816 fertilizer projects to be included in the national "seven. Five" construction plan.


  • December 24, 1987

    In December 24, 1987, unit 1 was connected to the grid.


  • December 27, 1988

    In December 27, 1988, unit 2 was connected to the grid.
  • 1988

    The annual output of 3000 tons of metal manganese project commissioning success.


  • Change of business license of enterprise legal person

    On December 12, 1990, Sichuan Administration for Industry and Commerce handled the business license of an enterprise legal person renamed "Jianfeng Chemical General Plant of China's Nuclear Industry" with the registration number 29062020.
  • February 8, 1990

    Unit three started construction and installation. It was put into operation in May 4th.


  • October 14, 1993

    The fertilizer plant has successfully produced urea products.
  • June 21, 1993

    The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has successively issued the trademark registration announcement of Jianfeng brand and issued the registration certificate.


  • April 30, 1997

    Jianfeng Chemical General Plant was awarded the "1996." labor certificate issued by the all China Federation of trade unions.


  • December 21, 1998

    Sichuan Three Gorges Quality Assurance Center has awarded ISO9002 quality system certification to our factory.
  • 1998

    Our factory first entered Chongqing's industrial enterprises 50.


  • July 1999

    Our factory "Jianfeng" brand registered trademark has won the title of Chongqing famous trademark.
  • June 30, 1999

    The ISO9002 quality assurance system of our factory has passed the first supervision and verification of Sichuan Three Gorges Quality Assurance Center.


  • January 13, 2000

    According to the principle of "spontaneous self-use, grid-connected security, cogeneration of heat and power", our factory has been approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission to construct a 2 *80t/h high-temperature and high-pressure circulating


  • December 4, 2001

    The signing ceremony of localization of Jianfeng Chemical Plant was held in Chongqing. Sun Qin, deputy general manager of China Nuclear Industry Corporation, and Wu Jianong, deputy mayor of Chongqing, deputy to Chongqing Municipal People's Government, res
  • August 28, 2001

    The China National Nuclear Corporation approved the start up of the cogeneration project in our plant.


  • June 27, 2003

    The whole unit runs through 168 hours.
  • February 28, 2003

    At the 4th Ninth Staff and Workers (Members) Congress, our factory put forward the development idea of "three years to lay the foundation, five years to step up, ten years to a moderately prosperous society".


  • December 29, 2004

    In December 29, 2004, the project was officially shut down due to the Three Gorges flooding.
  • December 26, 2004

    Our factory formally started the work of asset reorganization and backdoor listing.
  • November 15, 2004

    The reorganization and integration of Jianfeng Chemical Industry and Chongqing Chemical Medicine (Holding) Group and the exercise of investors'rights by Chemical Medicine (Holding) Group are another major change in the development process of our factory.
  • September 2004

    Our factory has set up a working group of land ownership, and signed a contract of Surveying and mapping with the Fifth Topographic Surveying Team of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.


  • December 22, 2005

    The land ownership of our factory has been successfully concluded. It is confirmed that our factory has more than 8000 land resources.
  • December 16, 2005

    ST agro chemical major asset restructuring and split share structure reform passed the voting with absolute superiority.
  • November 2005

    According to the core functions of the industrial group of "definite strategy, allocate resources, unify culture", the mode of group management has been formally launched, and the construction of enterprise strategy and culture has been vigorously promote
  • October 21, 2005

    The new annual output of 100 million tons of electrolytic manganese expansion project is completed and accepted.


  • 40th anniversary series of celebrations held successfully

    Taking "the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the factory" as an opportunity, a series of activities such as "Qingming Festival", "Re-entrepreneurship" and "Thanksgiving Education" have been carried out vigorously. The celebration meeting for the fo
  • Won the "four good" honorary title of state owned enterprises

    As a large state-owned enterprise, the Party Committee of our factory closely combines with the actual situation of the enterprise, integrates into the central work of the enterprise, and solidly carries out the "four good" leading group building activiti
  • For the eight consecutive year, it has entered the top fifty Chongqing industrial enterprises.

    Our factory has been in the top 50 industrial enterprises of Chongqing for eight consecutive years since it was first listed in the top 50 industrial enterprises of Chongqing in 1998. At the same time, it was listed as "Top 100 Enterprises in Chongqing in
  • "Two" project at home level construction started

    In April 20th, second large chemical fertilizer projects in our plant began to build at home level. On December 23, Zeng Zhongquan, on behalf of Jianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd., held a signing ceremony with Stamicarbon Co., Ltd., China Chemical Construction C


  • Complete the private placement and chemical fertilizer industry to achieve the overall listing.

    On July 24, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) approved the plan of Chongqing Jianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. to issue shares to specific targets to buy assets, which marks the successful implementation of targeted issuance of listed companies. In
  • econd major chemical fertilizer projects enter the stage of substantive construction

    On March 6, the signing ceremony of the technology import contract for 450,000 tons of synthetic ammonia/800,000 tons of urea was held in Chongqing. The contract was signed by our factory with KBR, Stamicarbon and Sinochem Construction International Tende
  • Melamine was put into operation.

    The construction of the "Triamine" project started in July 2005 and lasted 29 months. After arduous and complicated construction process, the goal of "one successful start-up without a safety accident" was achieved on November 26, 2007, and qualified prod
  • For the nine consecutive year, the fifty largest in Chongqing industry.

    For nine consecutive years, Chongqing entered the top 50 industries, and again won the list of "Top 500 chemical enterprises and Top 50 nitrogenous fertilizer industry in 2006" with strong strength.
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Development Strategy

Through internal technological progress and external cooperation, Jianfeng Group

  • Specialty Chemicals And New Materials For Chemical Industry

    The industry has shifted from focusing on resource acquisition to focusing on both technology and resources. Based on process technology, a production platform has been established and a customized production model has been adopted.
  • Agrochemical Products And Services

    The industry has shifted from focusing on resource acquisition to focusing on both technology and resources. Based on process technology, a production platform has been established and a customized production model has been adopted.
  • Industrial Technology Services

    The industry has shifted from focusing on resource acquisition to focusing on both technology and resources. Based on process technology, a production platform has been established and a customized production model has been adopted.